Help - how to you use the library's virtual services.

Searching in the catalogue

Highest up on every page in the search box you may search for books, films, music etc.

Simple search
1. Write what you are searching for in the search box. It could be a title, a writer or another topic. You may write as many search words as you wish. You will get an automatic proposal for your search below the search box. If you are uncertain of the spelling you may use a star (*) for help. You will then find everything that starts with that word, for an example: Lind* shows both Lindgren and Lindberg.

2. Click on Search. Search results shows as a hit list in the center of the page.

Other ways to search
If you know for certain that you only want to search for E-books, Audiobooks, Film, Music, Periodicals, Games or Talking books you may open those pages from the left menu at the home page and then search for what you are interested in – see arrow 1 on the picture below. You find an advanced search bellow the link More search options, below the search box highest up – arrow 2. There you can combine a search, select Extended search or Thematic scroll.

Hur söker du

Searchresult –hit list

The hit list shows in the center below the title Search result. You see the 10 first results. With the help of the red arrows (arrow 1 on the picture below) you may scroll forward and reverse in the hit list. If you only for an example want to see books in a certain language or in a certain topic you may limit the search with the use of Filter search result at the right on the page, see arrow 2.

More functions in the hit list

You can send the hit list to yourself or to an optional e-mailing address, just select Send in the menu on the picture below.
Spara sökningar

You can also Save your search and get a notice about the arrival of new titles, see picture below. To be able to save a search you must first create a username. The link to Create a username is located on all pages in the upper high corner to the right.
Spara sökningar
If what you are searching for doesn't exist within the collection of the Gota-libraries you can send a suggestion for purchase or order an inter-library loan. You find the links to Purchase suggestion and Inter-library loan in the column to the left on the hit list, see arrow 1 on the picture below.
Is there an article on the libraries web site with connection to the topic or the used search word you find it on the left page below Related articles, see arrow 2 on the picture below. You can yourself contribute with articles to the web site.
Reletareade artiklar länkar
If you don't find what you're searching for you can try to search for the books in other libraries or find more information on other web sites. Go to External sources, lowest down in the column to the right on the hit list, and click on one of the links. Your search will then search in the catalogues of other libraries or on other web sites, see picture below.
Externa källor

You can save titles in a memory-list by clicking on Select to memory-list, see picture below. To save a memory-list for the next time you use the computer you must create a username. You then find your memory-list in the column to the left on the hit list or title page.
Spara minneslista
From your memory-list you can simultaneously reserve more titles, se picture below.
Reservera från minneslista
Reserve a title

Click on a title in the hit list for more information. You can see where the title is located and if it's available for borrowing.
Select The location of the title in the list below. Click on the addition-mark (+) or a municipality to see which libraries on that place that have the title. If the title is available for borrowing a green text shows In. Where it's located are showing below Location: Shelf.
If the title is out on loan the red text Out or Late shows. You also see the date of its return.
Var finns titeln?

If the title is out on loan you can reserve it. You get a notice from the library when it's in for pickup. You can also reserve titles that are available. It is free of charge to make reservations. To make a reservation you must be logged in. If you haven't logged in a text shows with information that you must log in.
Logga in för att reservera

In the making of the reservation you select which library you want to be the pickup place for your reservation. You can also after logging in below About me select a pre-selected place for pickup. Your reservations will then automatically go to your selected library.
Välj hämtställe
On the page "About me" you can (if you for an example go on vacation) select that the library doesn't catch in your reservations during a specific time, see picture below.

Renew loan
You can borrow many titles simultaneously. When you have marked which titles you want to borrow again and clicked on Renew loan, (see picture 1) a list shows what you could renew. If some of the titles are not available for renewing a message shows about the cause. Thereafter click on the button "Renew loan" (see picture 2).
You can also see where the titles where borrowed.

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